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About move of placement department in Shippo Government building

Update day November 7, 2017

 By Kumamoto earthquake of April, 2016, a seismic intensity of 7 occurred first in the history of observation twice in a short term, and Government building of 5 municipalities including Uto-shi and Mashikimachi fell into breakdown.
 In city, we were pushing forward new Government building maintenance, but decided to transfer department where aseismic reinforcing work was located as measures until new Government building completion for ensuring safety of next person of agency and staff in Shippo Government building which was not performed as follows based on such situation now.
In addition, about duties, we are going to handle in new address from Thursday, January 4, 2018.
 We cause citizen's all of you inconvenience, but hope that we have understanding. 


Now New address (from January 4, 2018)

Shippo Public Service Center
Accounting Division (Shippo)
Local Elderly Care Management Center Shippo counselor's office

Shippo public hall
 (Yasumatsu, Shippo-cho small Nitta 2337)
City Planning Division
Engineering works section
Industry Promotion Section
City hall main government building
 (Kita northwest 18-1)
Waterworks section
Sewer section
Kita waterworks water supply control center
 (Kita northwest 34)


Reference of page

Plan Finance Department plan policy section [main government building]
18-1 northwest Kita Ama-shi
telephone: 052-444-1712 fax: 052-444-0982
For the inquiry by email, please you the exclusive form.

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