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Electronic general window

Update day January 10, 2018

About electronic application that we can use in Ama City

 Electronic application in Ama City performs use (we participate about joint use system) of system corresponding to the next electronic application.

  • Aichi electron application, report system
  • Aichi electron procurement combination system (CALS/EC)
  • Aichi electron procurement combination system (article)
  • Ama City public facilities reservation system
  • Bibliographic search system

 For more details, please see summary of each following system. 

About application reception desk by Aichi electron application, report system

 Electronic application, report system is service that can perform administrative procedures such as application, report to city using the Internet. This electronic application, report system is doing joint development, administration in Aichi local e-government promotion meeting that we established in Aichi and the prefecture municipalities (except Nagoya-shi).
 It was necessary to mail to window, or to bring conventional application, report, and to submit, but, in addition, as a general rule, application can report to conventional window application 24 hours a day, every day from home and the workplace if we use electronic application, report system.
 But only application, report is possible, and it is necessary to have you have window come about grant of document from submission of documents and city which are necessary in the case of procedure separately, payment of fee or do mail (applicant bears the postage).


As for the details of usage, please see the following "Aichi electron application general counter".

Thing necessary for procedure

  • IC card
     Basic Resident Register card (we acquired electronic certificate by public personal identification service. When electronic certificate is unnecessary, it is not necessary)
  • IC card leader writer
     We are intended to read IC card
  • Attached documents
     There is procedure to need attached documents by mail separately.

The acquisition of electronic certificate

It is necessary to have procedure that electronic certificate needs acquire the following electronic certificates beforehand.

Personal one
 Electronic certificate (issuance of electronic certificate goes in citizen's section.) by public personal identification service

Electronic certificate by electronic authentication system based on commercial registration
 Please contact Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau corporation registration section (Phone: 052-952-8111).

About Aichi electron procurement combination system (CALS/EC) (articles)

 In Ama City, we use procurement combination system at reception desk of construction, design, surveying, construction consultation, article that participation is hoped for by bid about contract containing Aichi electron.

≪Contact information≫
General affairs department General Administration Division

About public facilities reservation

 It is service that can perform confirmation or reservation application for space situation of public facilities from PC, cell-phone which we can connect to the Internet. It is available in the night and closed days when it is closing time for facility.

About book search/reservation system

With book search/reservation system

"Book search/reservation system" is system that search/reservation can do book to possess of Miwa library on the Internet.

Search/reservation method

  1. We open "book search/reservation system".
  2. According to guidance of screen, please make a search/reservation in book which wants to be reserved.

≪Contact information≫
Board of Education Lifelong Learning Division

Reference of page

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18-1 northwest Kita Ama-shi
telephone: 052-444-1712 fax: 052-444-0982
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