Terms of Use

This city planning map information does not prove city planning or other content not legal drawing about city planning. Please use as figure of reference.


This city planning map information does not show border of land.
Therefore, we cannot use as application or other documents.


This city planning map information includes error in precision of map. About correct information about city planning, please confirm at construction industry part City Planning Division window.
※Map precision is made with reduced scale 1/2, 500


Ama City does not take all responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage that occurred by use of this service.


We cannot use information provided by this service for profit.


Copyright of all city planning map information provided by this service subsists in Ama City.


As for the city planning information, city planning orthodox topographic map is thing as of July, 2011 as of March, 2016.


This service provides figure of city planning as image data.
We copy figure of displayed city planning and save, and the use by your software is possible.
In addition, we can print drawing from browser of errand, but drawing may be cut by environment of browser printer.
(when drawing is cut, please refer to "Terms of Use 11 is careful in print".)


This service recommends the use in environment with screen resolution more than 1,024*768.
When screen resolution is low, some functions may not be available.


We check the operation of this service in the following environment and may not work normally in different environment.
Operation system : More than Windows XP SP2
Browser : More than Internet Explorer 6 more than Firefox 3.6 more than Google Chrome 7.0


On print, please make prints after confirming print preview.
When we do not set blank, map may not be displayed by print preview.
(setting example: InternetExplore8.0)

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