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Bulletin board of all the Ama City

Update day February 13, 2018

News page Ama City "bulletin board of all" of citizen's everybody

Ama City is "bulletin board of all" and places information of recruitment of members such as citizen's groups or recruitment of participants such as events in Newsletter Ama.

Object of publication
(1) Being information to show around event to hold in Ama City and participation in group moving into action.
(2) Main information about the holding date and time or the event including place being settled.
Limit of publication
We cannot place information admitted that we correspond to any of the following.
(1) It was aimed for profit
(2) Offer object gets reward
(3) It is against politics, thing, public order and morals about religion
(4) Financial trouble might occur
(5) We do not intend for the unspecified number of citizen
(6) In addition, the mayor admits that publication is not suitable
When you hope for publication of information, you fill in matter necessary for predetermined publication application, written consent, and please bring in plan policy section Public Infomation public hearing division directly by (city hall open agency day 5th in the case of city hall Closed Agency Day just after that) on 5th in the month in publication hope month before last.
The publication number of times
As for the publication of article by the same group, thing concerned with recruitment of participants does recruitment of members once before the year before the year (April issue - next year March issue) when to four times.

Written consent

Recruitment of participants application

Recruitment of members application

The operational point

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Reference of page

Plan Finance Department plan policy section [main government building]
18-1 northwest Kita Ama-shi
telephone: 052-444-1712 fax: 052-444-0982
For the inquiry by email, please you the exclusive form.

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