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Ama City patrol bus

Update day January 18, 2018

Service summary

We begin trial service of Ama City patrol bus on November 22, 2015.
Service route and timetable were changed from October 31, 2017.

Service day

Every week, fire, gold, Sunday (it travels for the year-end and New Year holidays)

※We may cancel service by disasters.


※Fare is daily unit.

Adult (more than junior high student) 200 yen/day
Dwarf (primary schoolchild)     100 yen/day

75 years old or older, person with a disability (we include to one attendant), preschool child, person of driver's license return are available free.

How to get on, way of going down

≪When we get on≫
Please just take. (there are not rearranging tickets)
※Free target person is the same, too.

≪When we go down≫
You are expected to pay fare at the time of getting off, and please receive whole-day pass from crew.
You have crew show whole-day pass at the time of getting off, and, after the second, please go down.
※Free target person (you remove preschool child) has crew show proof documents or free ticket, and please fall.

Whole-day pass is available by all routes only for issue date.

About free ticket

75 years old or older, please apply to plan policy section for free ticket that issuance is hoped for in person with a disability, person of driver's license independence return. We can apply even for Shippo Public Service Center, Jimokuji Public Service Center.



※Diagram may be disturbed by traffic condition.


Thing about service, thing left behind
Meitetsu bus Tsushima Office (0567) 32-3658

Thing about overall patrol bus
Ama City plan policy section (052) 444-1712


We are carrying out trial service now. We decide the later policy while asking about opinions from the use situation and user of the meantime and all of you.

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Reference of page

Plan Finance Department plan policy section [main government building]
18-1 northwest Kita Ama-shi
telephone: 052-444-1712 fax: 052-444-0982
For the inquiry by email, please you the exclusive form.

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