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About action at the time of ballistic missile fall

Update day December 20, 2017

To citizen's all of you

 When ballistic missile accompanied with trend of North Korea is fired, it may come flying in Japan and cannot abandon possibility to drop in our area either.
 When ballistic missile is fired, the government does communication using caution system (J alert) for local inhabitants to be related to in seconds of the whole country.
 If information of ballistic missile discharge plays by Disaster Prevention Information email and urgent breaking news email (area email), please take the next action.

[when in the outdoors]
 We evacuate to building firm as possible nearly 1.
 When there is not building which is suitable for nearly two, we hide whether you hide yourself in shade (shadow) from the ground and protect the head.

[when in indoor]
 We are separated from window as much as possible, and window moves to room which there is not if possible.
According to instructions from administration, please act calmly afterwards. 

※As registration is necessary, about Disaster Prevention Information email, please register than the next link.

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